Chris Maran

Chris Maran’s story begins and ends on the dance floor. A raver long before he was a DJ, Chris decamped to Ibiza at the age of 17 falling headlong into the islands’s then wildly hedonistic and raw underground scene. It was through his connection to the island that he met Enzo Siragusa who spotted the talent and gave Chris one of his early DJ breaks. Soon after Chris was offered a residency at the newly born Fuse. It was here that Chris could really combine his meticulously researched collection and respect for the mood to develop his unique hypnotic sound.

You can now find Chris playing for Fuse as well as regularly spinning for mUmU in Liverpool and Room 3 at Fabric. Amongst the midst he has also been locked away in the depths of his studio. With his productions now in the final stages, all will be unveiled on Fuse London in the very near future.

The music can do the rest of the talking.



Chris Maran

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