Guest list Sign Up For Saturday 6th May

Please fill in your name and email address to apply for guest list for Infuse at 93 Feet East

Please be aware that being on the guest list does not 100% guarantee entrance. The management still reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who might jeopardise the special vibe we create at our events and the safety and enjoyment of our guests. This includes people whose behaviour, attitude or dress would have a negative impact on that vibe.

We have announced a series of Infuse Saturday daytime events at 93 Feet East, with the first taking place on 4 March, then 1 April and 6 May respectively. Curated by Seb Zito, the parties will open at 1pm and close at 1am, with a hand-picked selection of the best British and international talent providing 12 hours of underground house and techno.

Each party will feature Seb Zito, with the full list of special guests including Ferro, Odd, Fabe, Jack Wickham, Joseph Williams, Javier Carballo, Mariano Mateljan, and Stuart Hawkins. Each DJ will play a three to four hour set. Tickets – which are expected to sell out quickly – can be registered for via

These exclusive showcases for Infuse’s current and future stars will see the Fuse team return to the venue for the first time since 2013. Prior to this, Fuse held some of capital’s best electronic music parties, helping put techno and the deeper side of house back on the map in East London.

On 4 March, Infuse launches with Infuse co-founder, head of a&r, and resident, Seb Zito, making his first appearance in London since Fuse’s New Year’s day rave. He’s joined by Ferro, one of the label’s most prolific artists with cuts including ‘You’, ‘Are’, ‘Your Mind’, and ‘Semma’; and Odd, the rising producers behind ‘Making Moves’ and ‘Roll Da Beats’.

Alongside Zito, 1 April will welcome Overall boss, Javier Carballo, Jack Wickham, and Joseph Williams. The 6 May event will close the series with Zito joined by German man-of-the-moment, Fabe (‘Kim On Gin’ and ‘All City Brother’), and Infuse mainstays Mariano Mateljan and Stuart Hawkins.

“The Fuse team has a rich history with 93 Feet East and we think the venue can be an integral part of the future of electronic music in East London. We’ve gone into 93 to reconfigure the sound and the booth so we can create the perfect setting for a party. The Infuse label has been a platform for our friends and artists for nearly 5 years, so it makes sense to create a second platform for the guys to express themselves as DJs. Just as I’ve flourished within the Fuse camp through their support and guidance, this is a chance for me to do the same for them.”